DELABIE launched its new sequential mechanical mixer at the Healthcare Estates show in October. The new Securitouch mixer provides a mechanical alternative to the successful SECURITHERM thermostatic mixer.

Sequential open and closing

Ideal for hand washbasins, sinks and surgical troughs in the medical environment, the new mechanical mixer 2436P has sequential control. The same lateral movement, through a range of only 90°, opens the water flow and adjusts the temperature.

Anti-scalding safety

The 2436P sequential mixer opens and closes on cold water for improved anti-scalding safety. It also features a pre-set maximum temperature limiter to reduce the risk of scalding.

By design, the 2436P mixer’s body is thermally insulated: hot water flows from the inlets to the cartridge inside narrow copper tubes and is, therefore, never in contact with the walls of the mixer.

Any risk of burning is thus removed.

Delabie 2

Maximum hygiene

DELABIE’s new sequential mixer has a specifically designed interior to reduce the volume of standing water in the body. Fewer components are in contact with the water, reducing biofilm attachment. All the internal parts of the new 2436P mixer, including the spout, are completely smooth. This also reduces the risk of bacterial development considerably.

Improved comfort and ergonomics

Thanks to a large drop height and increased spout length, hand washing is optimised. An ergonomic, Hygiene lever enables control without manual contact, using the wrist, forearm or elbow.

Check out this video for more information…