Moving forward in care: Progression, sustainability and growth


There has been a pattern of recurring news stories that focus on the ‘collapse’ or ‘breakdown’ of the social care system in the UK. Age UK recently suggested that England had ‘been left behind in the race’ to solve the problems facing the social care system. Fears over the inadequacy of the social care system have been compounded in the last couple of weeks, with research decreeing that one million elderly people will require twenty-four-hour care by 2035.

Whilst the negative press surrounding social care is warranted, it is also time to start talking about a solution to the problem. The industry knows it needs help and more press needs to centre around what we can do, rather than pointing out the obvious faults with the system. There has been a shift in the media in recent weeks, with more proposals on how to enable the sustainability of social care, appearing in mainstream media. These proposals range from a £30,000 asset tax for over 65s, to new ISAs, to rises in income tax or national insurance, to the introduction of voluntary or compulsory insurance schemes.

Whatever the decision, one thing is certain. The industry needs to facilitate the growth of social care businesses to make whatever funding becomes available, sustainable for the future.

This is why the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo was created. Care, nursing homes and domiciliary care providers need to embrace the changes that will be demanded of them, whilst also remaining compliant and providing the highest level of care possible. Running on the 26th & 27th March at NEC, Birmingham, 300 exclusively selected companies will exhibit the latest technology, products and services that will enable social care businesses to uphold and improve the level of care they offer, even whilst under pressure to increase productivity due to demand.

The Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo also offers a comprehensive CPD accredited seminar programme that will feature seminars from the leading social care experts. The agenda provides an excellent opportunity for care home owners and managers to listen to a multitude of topics that include diversity, CQC compliance, the social care workforce, dementia, person centred care and generating choice for service users.

As part of the educational programme the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo will also host masterclasses that will offer complimentary training and provide an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn new skills or refresh current ones.

Additional show features also include the Virtual Dementia Tour, which is medically and scientifically proven to be the closest possible experience of what it can be like living with dementia.

Be part of the UK’s most interactive hub for social care by registering for your free ticket at or call 0117 990 2097.

We are also selectively recruiting companies for exhibiting opportunities at the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo. Contact or 0117 990 2109 to discuss this further.