Mobility chair specialists improve care home residents’ quality of life


The transportation and hoisting of elderly residents at a Shropshire care home has never been faster or more comfortable thanks to Your Mobility’s bespoke Chelsea chairs.

The portable, dementia-friendly chairs are multi adjustable and tilt in space, meaning users don’t need to be moved from chair to chair around the home. They also weigh just under 35kg, making them easily manoeuvrable and adaptable to various environments.

One of Bradeney House Nursing Home’s residents, Ernie Curnock, came into care just over a year ago after having a stroke in 2016.

Val Curnock, Ernie’s wife of 54 years, said: “Ernie was using a stand aid but because he was using it so much, he ended up pulling a muscle. We then had to look for alternatives. The main reason we chose Your Mobility was because its chairs relieved the pressure of having to be hoisted so much.

“He’s not stuck in a certain position as the chair can be re-positioned, so he can sleep when he wants and be wheeled around with ease.

“He’s a lot happier as the hoisting has been cut down to half. In fact, since Ernie got his specialist chair, he’s been a lot brighter and comfortable. He’s like a different person, he loves his chair and it has given him a lot more freedom and independence.

“We’re enjoying so many benefits. The chairs really are worth every penny. You can’t put a price on somebody’s comfort. I just wish he had the chair a lot sooner.”

As well as supplying specialist chairs, Your Mobility also provides free training on using the chairs, such as on fall prevention, good posture and pressure relief.

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