When one evaluates the cost of a readmission, doctor call-outs, or even an ambulance call-out, the costs to each of the NHS CCG has become increasingly real and palpable. As John Pattinson (North Lincolnshire CCG Commissioner and CCG project champion) comments, “With increasing strain on public spending and the inevitable squeeze on the funding for NHS Care, it is now more than ever before, essential that any spending from the tax payer is seen to be used in the most efficient manner.”

It is well known that historically the collection of data to provide useful insight and the KPIs required to make decisions in a timely and therefore cost-effective manner, has not been possible as the reception and capability of simple to use mobile app technology was not at all ideal. However, as more and more people use mobile apps, it has become second nature. For the first time in this NHS area, a system is being reviewed that will aim to eradicate the sluggish nature of ‘paper passing’ and provide a real-time feed of KPI enabling important insight to reduce both the cost of care, but most importantly, the loss of life.

Any efforts to improve quality are so valuable.  Recognising the early warning signs of poor quality or poor care delivery helps us avoid the catastrophic consequences that might otherwise follow.  The Mobaro Mobile App & Dashboard NHS Early Warning Solution has the potential to change the care landscape and for the first time, will enable the Commissioner to be alerted in real-time whenever care at a care home establishment, is observed to be worthy of closer inspection and in need of possible support measures. John Pattinson is clear with why he is involved, “The use of new and innovative technology such as the Mobaro NHS Solution, has the potential to both revolutionise the delivery of care in the community by improving quality through early warning signs, and subsequently reducing unnecessary hospital admissions. With such a flexible platform, monitored alongside new models of care, this system allows the NHS to respond quickly to potential failure in the delivery of care no matter where the delivery of care occurs, the potential impact to save lives and use health and social care resources effectively becomes undeniable”

The Mobaro NHS Project

The Mobaro real-time compliance system consists of two key elements: 1. The mobile app, 2. The dashboards. The platform delivers several useful ‘out of the box’ benefits, and required no specialist development:

  • A Real-time GDPR compliant solution
  • Eradicates paper as checklists generate reports automatically
  • Dynamic checklists change questions to suit medical situation
  • One or more people notified immediately via assignment creation
  • Checklists can be scheduled within calendars to suit need
  • Checklists request documentation at specific section to aid procedures
  • Visual aids (pictures, graphics, and videos), can be used to guide procedures
  • Carers can take and annotate pictures to aid explanations
  • Checklist locations and users can be grouped to be assessed/given permissions
  • Dashboards allow different users to have KPIs that matter to their work
  • All checklists and assignment workflows available real-time from dashboards
  • All visual aids can be quickly sorted by location, user, timeframe, from dashboards
  • Reports can be accessed directly through picture gallery from dashboards

An exciting aspect of the system is the dashboards. Dashboards not only allow full visibility of the system setup given the right permissions (creation of document library, checklists, schedules and calendars), they also allow a full operational overview of checklist and assignment statuses, allow users to review the KPI that matter to them, and provide a quick heads-up on all locations where checks are due to be carried out, have been carried out, or missed. The location status overview uses a very simple traffic light colour code system (Red, Yellow, Red), with red meaning attention is required. Lastly, creating checklists is so very simple and with a small amount of training, as part of Mobaro’s software with a service approach, users are quickly at work via the click and drop system.

It is evident from workshops already held that this approach will enable more effective decisions that will not only save cost, but more importantly, save lives. John Pattinson agrees, “This new approach which is scalable from a single patient upward to provider level is already proving invaluable and the impact of service changes as result mean that the emerging long-term benefits suggests that this system and approach has the potential, to change the many areas of the NHS landscape forever”

It is evident that the platform’s versatility is a key feature that has been warmly received. As a result, the Mobaro team sees a great potential in implementing the platform in both individual care homes and larger organisations, since a structured approach to documentation and evaluations (via a mobile platform), will ensure that internal guidelines and daily routines are documented sufficiently and in a uniform manner, no matter who is on duty.