Patients who end up at hospital to lose weight usually have other co-morbidities other than general obesity. Maybe they need knee replacements, have sleep apnoea, are waiting for heart surgery or suffering with diabetes and in danger of losing a leg.

With the best will in the world, the dietitian’s take them under their knowledgeable wing and design a diet to suit them; at the same time they try their best to educate the patient. The dietitian gives them valid reasons why they need to lose weight, they set a target until they see them again and extract a promise from the patient that they will do their bit to lose weight using the information given.

HHP29 DietPlate (1)It must be disheartening for dietitians when at the follow up appointment, the patient has only managed to lose a kilo or two. The impact on hospital budgets and targets must be even more of a let-down.

If the weight loss encouraged the patient to be compliant, the data used to plan operations or offer early interventions either face to face or just on the phone, would it help?

We think so, which is why we ask that you look at The Diet Plate on-line which is a Web Based App, designed with the user and the dietitian in mind.  We are happy to demonstrate it to you as we spent four years in development and it does need to be seen to be believed and understood so call us on 0800 644 0166

HHP29 DietPlate (2)We have created an adaptive, intelligent and versatile weight management software program, that can be tailored to different NHS departments. You can produce individual user groups such as; Diabetes, Orthopaedics or Cardiology User Groups, listing the patients accordingly together with the lead dietitian or delegate in control of the database.

As a patient is assigned to the relevant user group and permissions have been sought, the dietitian has the opportunity, through the User Group dashboard, to view the personal food database of the user, their weight loss statistics and how compliant the patient is to the program.

It will show how the patient is doing every day, giving the opportunity to see what the patient eats, or enabling the dietitian to intervene if necessary. The program has a contingency for non-participation or entering duff information and will flag where appropriate.

The results of each patient will enable the department to schedule operations such as knee or hip surgery where they can see a patient has achieved the desired weight loss.

The Diet Plate on-line if adopted by the CCGs or hospital can save considerable money where weight loss is part of the treatment.

To book a demonstration please email, call  0800 644 0166 or visit us online